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Spruce Up Your Home’s Lighting Design with Color Elements

3 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Living With Tunable Lighting

Spruce Up Your Home’s Lighting Design with Color Elements

Did you know the color of your home’s lighting can impact your daily mood and focus? It’s true! Every light bulb has a color temperature, whether bright white, yellow-white, blue-white, orange-white, etc. and that color can make a difference in daily wellness. In this blog, we’ll explore three ways to use tunable LED lights in your Manhattan, NY, home’s lighting design to enhance your daily living.

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Use Warm Tones for Relaxation

Yellow, orange, and red are known as the “warm” colors on the color palette. Tuning your fixtures to a warm tone helps create a more cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The best places to use warm lighting are where you want to create a calming and serene mood, such as the bedroom, living room, or bathroom. 

Warm tones are an excellent addition to any morning routine when slowly waking up or any evening routine when calming down for the day. For example, use a warm-toned lamp when you enjoy your morning coffee or read a book before bed, and allow the calming effects of the light to soothe you. 

Use Cool Tones for Improved Focus

Blue, green, and white are known as the “cool” colors on the color palette. Tuning fixtures to cool tones leads to improved focus, energy, and productivity. The best places to use cool lighting are rooms where you work, such as an office, study area, or kitchen.

Cool tones are great for energizing, whether getting ready for a workout or just preparing for a day at your desk. Work with greater focus and get more done using a cool-toned light. Allow the bright lights to maximize your daily output and keep you engaged throughout the day.

Use Colors to Enhance Moods

Think of all the ways you could use color in your home to enhance your mood. For example, yellow lights can make you happier, red lights can increase passion, and blue lights can create calm. Then, consider how these moods could enhance activities in your home, such as using warm-toned lighting to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom or using cool-toned lighting when it’s time to get down to work in your home office.


Use creative and colorful lighting designs to empower wellness, focus, and positivity in your day. With an automated lighting control system, you can change the lighting color of any fixture with the ease of a mobile app, on-wall keypad or voice command. 

If you would like to learn about the impacts of color on a home’s lighting design, contact us for more information. Using exciting lighting designs, we can also brainstorm ways to add interest and fun to your Manhattan, NY, home’s interior.

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