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How to Stop Porch Pirates from Robbing Your Peace of Mind

The Difference Between a Basic Alarm System and Robust Smart Home Security

How to Stop Porch Pirates from Robbing Your Peace of Mind

In years past, alarms systems weren’t very smart. Sure, they thought they were. But they simply acted like a string attached to a few tin cans. When someone “tripped” over it, you’d be alerted with an obnoxious sound. Old systems had many problems: 1. They weren’t proactive, 2. They often sent false alerts, and 3. They could often be circumvented – just like stepping over the string!

Fortunately, in our high-tech world, we have smarter products that offer incredibly advanced security – with no strings attached! If you want to enjoy remote access to your security system, receive mobile and accurate alerts, see high-definition footage, and catch porch pirates in the act, then it’s time to upgrade to smart home security.

Keep reading to see why you need a smart security system at your home in Red Bank, NJ.

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