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How to Stop Porch Pirates from Robbing Your Peace of Mind

The Difference Between a Basic Alarm System and Robust Smart Home Security

How to Stop Porch Pirates from Robbing Your Peace of Mind

In years past, alarms systems weren’t very smart. Sure, they thought they were. But they simply acted like a string attached to a few tin cans. When someone “tripped” over it, you’d be alerted with an obnoxious sound. Old systems had many problems: 1. They weren’t proactive, 2. They often sent false alerts, and 3. They could often be circumvented – just like stepping over the string!

Fortunately, in our high-tech world, we have smarter products that offer incredibly advanced security – with no strings attached! If you want to enjoy remote access to your security system, receive mobile and accurate alerts, see high-definition footage, and catch porch pirates in the act, then it’s time to upgrade to smart home security.

Keep reading to see why you need a smart security system at your home in Red Bank, NJ.

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Send Porch Pirates Running!

The Control4 Chime is not your typical doorbell. Not only is the video doorbell sleek and expertly engineered, but it acts as its own security system, and it can also be integrated fully with your current Control4 smart home system. If someone rings the doorbell, you can answer it by using your tablet or smartphone. Because you can create your own motion-detector zones, it sends you an immediate alert when someone is on the porch or near it.

If someone crosses the invisible barrier, the Chime takes a picture. You can also set it to start recording video, turn on the landscape lights, or send you an alert when it happens. Unlike ordinary doorbells, the Chime has a two-way communication feature that allows you to talk to the person – whether you’re at home or miles away.

Super-Smart Security Cameras

Tell intruders to say, “Cheese!” There’s no getting past smart cameras. Not only do they capture footage in high definition, but they can pan, tilt, and zoom to get the best angle of your property. The perpetrator doesn’t need to be two feet away from your building either. Instead, you can set up an invisible perimeter. When your cameras see an intruder, you’ll know it too.

You’ll not only receive an intruder alert, but you can set your outdoor lighting system to turn on or flash. If you aren’t home, your indoor lights can turn on as well – giving your home the appearance of occupancy. Certain home security cameras have thermal imaging features as well, so they detect intruders even if they’re hiding in the bushes or other locations.

The Power of AI Security

Artificial intelligence is one of the most impressive benefits of modern home security. It’s what makes your cameras and the entire security system so smart. Both your surveillance cameras and recorders use state-of-the-art video analytics and pattern-based algorithms to recognize objects, faces, and even unusual activity. For instance, if a raccoon or stray animal is in your backyard at night, the system won’t sound the alarm. Instead, it knows the difference between an animal and a person. In fact, it can even recognize the faces of your family.

In addition, if you’re searching for footage of an event, it only takes a few seconds for the system to locate it for you. Simply type a search term, such as “person on porch,” and the system looks for any footage that matches. Best of all, a smartphone app lets you access your system from anywhere – inside your home, at the office, or while you’re on vacation.

Make the switch from a basic alarm system to a smart home security system. Find out more by calling Total Home Technologies, chatting with us on this page, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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