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Articles tagged with: smart home automation

Josh.ai Advances ‘Natural Language Processing’ for Voice Control

Move Over, Alexa and Siri: Josh.ai is the Best New Voice in Town.

Josh.ai Advances ‘Natural Language Processing’ for Voice Control

Voice control is one of the most convenient ways to use a smart home system like Control4. As you walk around the house or settle in to watch a movie, you can adjust the lights, lower the shades, and turn on speakers—all hands-free.

But if you’ve ever tried using Alexa or Siri voice assistants, you know they’re far from perfect. Many of us have listened, exasperated, when the voice replies, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

And with a smart system, you need your voice assistant to understand you. After all, if you’re heading out the door and trying to turn off the lights, you don’t have time to play guessing games. That’s why we suggest Josh.ai.

Josh.ai is the latest voice-controlled system that understands natural speech patterns better than any other. It’s built specifically for home control, unlike other programs. Read on to see how Josh.ai works and how it will assist your Morris County, NJ, household.  

TAGS: Smart Home Automation | Smart Lighting | Voice Control

Avoid “Death By 1,000 Apps” with DIY Home Automation

Plus, more tips you should know before installing a home automation system

Avoid “Death By 1,000 Apps” with DIY Home Automation

Many Monmouth County residents love the idea of home automation but don’t want to bother with the potentially hassle-filled world of professional installers. In fact, many believe they can install a professional quality system by themselves. And we think you can, too.

“Well, a professional system could be better,” says Keith Harrison of Total Home Technologies. “But only if you have a good professional." He explains that designing and installing a home automation system by yourself can be fulfilling but that DIY-ers will want to watch out for some of the potential challenges they may face down the line. “These things are challenging on a do-it-yourselfer without professional tools. Not impossible, but challenging,” he says.

To help you on your DIY journey, we've put together this blog with some helpful tips on what you need to know before you start. And don't forget to check out the video below for even more useful information!

Ready to get started? Keep reading after the jump!

TAGS: Networking | Smart Home Automation

How to Stop Porch Pirates

Smart home security tips for protecting your deliveries during the holidays and beyond

How to Stop Porch Pirates

Game of Thrones may be long gone, but winter is still coming. And if it’s anything like last year, there will be plenty of packages hitting doorsteps this holiday season. In 2019, the USPS alone delivered around 750 million packages -- and that doesn’t even include carriers like FedEx and UPS!

But there’s a dark side to all of those deliveries. According to C + R Research, 36 percent of Americans are victims of "porch pirates," opportunistic package thieves that can strike at any time. Porch pirates are a big problem, but they're easy to defeat. You just need to follow a few simple steps. And sporting the right smart home security tech won’t hurt, either.

If you’re looking for a few easy ways to keep your packages safe this year, keep reading.

TAGS: Smart Home Automation | Vivint

Home Theater Installation Checklist

Make Your Home Theater Cutting Edge and Convenient

Home Theater Installation Checklist

Home theaters are not just for film enthusiasts. Having one in your Monmouth County home can mean that every show, movie, documentary, and sports game you watch has elevated audio and video — home theaters take entertainment to the next level. Even video game and YouTube sessions can feel fun and epic in a home theater.

A home theater is a great hangout spot to enjoy with friends and family. When designing and building a home theater, there are certain features you should consider. Here’s a checklist for your New Jersey home theater installation.

TAGS: motorized window treatments | smart home automation | speaker system